Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Virtual ID for Aadhar Number - How to generate it? (3 Steps)

    We all know that Aadhar is governed by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). A few months back we heard the news that Aadhar Database has leaked and so on. A misuse of Aadhar database has created the unguarded feel among our people. Now, there is an improvement have made by UIDAI that they are providing a Virtual ID for Aadhar number. It is called as Aadhar Virtual Identification (VID).

What is VID?
    As I said before, VID is a Virtual Identification number. VID is a 16 digit revocable random number mapped with Aadhar number. "No can get the Aadhar number from the VID", the statement was given by UIDAI. Anyone can use their VID for authentication purpose in the place of Aadhar number. VID can be generated from the UIDAI website. Since it is a Digital ID, we can generate it multiple times. At present stage, this VID number is valid for one day from the time of generation. After the 24 hours of the period, we can generate another VID from the same website. Later once you generate the VID, validity time will be cancelled until you create the next one. This particular website can be accessed only if your mobile number registered in the UIDAI database. The reason behind is all Aadhar related work is OTP (One Time Password) enabled. so, registering our mobile number is mandatory.

How to generate it?

Step 1: Go to UIDAI Website (Link: https://uidai.gov.in/). Select the option Virtual ID(VID) Generator under Aadhar services.

Step 2: Give your Aadhar number and fill the security code given there and click "send OTP". Then your registered mobile number will receive the OTP generated by UIDAI. 

Step 3: Fill the OTP on the right-hand side of the same page and select the option Generate VID. That's it. your VIrtual ID will be generated and will be sent to your registered mobile number. 

Yes! that's the procedure to create your Virtual ID. I think it is very easy to create and use it in future. There is more chance that VID will decrease problems with the database leakage and everything. If you have any doubt just comment it below. Thank you !!!

Friday, 29 June 2018

World's Largest Libraries

"When in doubt go to the library", "When I got my library card, that’s when my life began.", "When you have garden and Library, you have everything", "A Library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas" these are the famous quotes about the library we heard about. People nowadays visit the library rarely since the technology has grown up. They are accessing everything on the Internet itself. Being in this scenario, let's see some largest Libraries in the world which has some big number of collections. In this article, we are going to see top five largest libraries in the World.

5. Russian State library
(PC: Russia State Library)
    Russia State Library was established in the year 1862 located at Moscow, Russia. Previously it was named V.I. State Library. It is the national library in Russia. It is the first largest in Russia and fifth in the world. It has around 44.4 million items in this library. Previously it was named V.I. State Library. To visit this library Click here

4. Library and Archives - Canada.

(PC: library and Archives Canada)
    Library and Archives Canada was established in the year 2004 located at Ottawa, Canada. It is the national library of Canada. This library is fourth largest in the world. This library main function is to collect and preserve the heritage of Canada. It is estimated to be 54 million items in this library. To visit this library Click here

3. Newyork Public Library

(PC: New York Library)

    Newyork Public Library was established in the Year 1895 and is located in NewYork. It is non-governmental, private library, the nonprofit corporation running with private and public financing. It is estimated to be 55 million items in this library. It is the second largest library in the U.S and Third in the world. This library has four research libraries which are open to all. Total visitors per year for this library is around 18 million. To Visit this Library Click here

2. Library of Congress, U.S

    Library of Congress(LOC) is the Research library and it was established in the year 24th April 1800. In fact, it is the national library of United States. It is the oldest cultural institution in the U.S. Actually it is claimed as largest library in the World but, based on the items count, it got the second position. This Library includes research articles from all over the world. All items are estimated to be 164+ million. Total visitors per year for this library is around 1.8 million. To visit the library Click here

1. British Library

(PC: British Library)
    British Library was created on 1st July 1973, previously it was part of the British Museum. British Library is the national library in the UK. This library receives all copies of books produced in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is estimated to be from 150 - 200 + million items from all over the world. It is open to anyone who needs any collections and Data. Total visitors per year for this library is around 1.75 million. To visit the library Click here

If you have any doubt comment it below. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Nipah Virus - Prevention & Treatment

For a week this word "Nipah Virus" is very familiar to everyone, especially in INDIA. It is shortly called as NiV. Though this one has history from 1999, this time it turns for INDIA to face it. Now Everyone may get shocked and have this question in mind that Nipah Virus is not a new one? Yes! it is not a new Virus. Read the detailed content below to know about it. 

It is an RNA (Ribonucleic acid) virus comes under Paramyxovidae (Birds, Vertebrates and humans are the natural hosts) family and it is identified as a Zoonotic pathogen (a disease that can spread from animals to humans). First, it is identified from Malaysia and Singapore in the year 1998 and 1999 from the severe respiratory illness from the Pig and encephalitic disease (Inflammation of brain) in humans.

How the Transmission happens?
Since it is a Zoonotic pathogen (a disease that can spread from animals to humans), there is a possibility to transfer from animals to humans. The source of this Transmission is from Pig & fruit Bat. It is found that human infections result from direct contact with sick pigs or with infected tissues. The transmission has occurred via respiratory droplets, contact with throat from the pigs and infected tissues of the sick animal. All the above-mentioned Transmission source are found from the outbreaks of Malaysia and Singapore. From the outbreaks of India & Bangladesh, it is found that infection happened through consumption of fruits contaminated with urine or saliva from infected fruit bat. very few transmission from human to human had reported previously. since the outbreaks from Bangladesh and India, it has come to know that half of the transmission happened through humans especially from visitors and Hospital staff's (take carers)

Infected people may experience mild fever, sore throat, headache, muscle pain and vomiting followed by dizziness, drowsiness, altered consciousness and encephalitis. Encephalitis may lead to comma within 24 to 48 hrs. The incubation period for this disease is 4 - 14 days. To diagnose this disease, three test needed to take, they are ELISA, PCR & Virus isolation by cell culture.

Preventive Measures:
Still, there is no medicine for this disease, we can take some preventive measures to be safe and secure.
  • Pig farms need to be cleaned regularly with some detergents.
  • If any symptom is suspected from any animal then that particular animal should be quarantined. 
  • Restriction from an infected farm to other places for that particular animal. 
  • Animal health surveillance system needs to be implemented in domestic areas since there is a possibility of transmission from domestic animals also.
  • it is suggested to wash hands frequently and cook the food properly before consumes it.
  • Still, there is no Vaccine for this disease, Awareness programme needs to be done among public concentrating on transmission from Bat to Human, animal to human and Human to Human. 

Finally, it is come to know that this virus is very dangerous. so, from the preventive measures, we can keep yourself safe. If there is any medicine available in future, then it will be updated on this blog. There is a talk going on that "Gelsemium 200" is the medicine cures Nipah Virus but, there is no official announcement from World Health Organisation (WHO). Share this article with your friends. It may be useful to others. 


Credits: World Health Organisation

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sitting too much, Bad for health? Read here

I think all of us know that Sitting too much ideally in the same place is very bad for health. Yes of course nowadays nature of the job itself making us be like that. Children in this era are enjoying in Virtual World. without the Phone or Tab in the hand, they are not comfortable nowadays. It's like they are all connected when they have any communication device, but how bad it is? shall we think for a while to know about this? or read here, you will get to know. here are some effects mentioned regarding long time sitting,

Weaken Legs: if we have any product or thing, when we use it regularly, then only that product can be maintained perfectly. Likewise when you are not using the muscle that muscle also gets weaken. When you are sitting for so long time a day leads to Weaken your lower body muscle. - Weak Legs.
Diabetics & Overweight: The molecules like lipoprotein lipase is used to process the fat and sugar what we have, that molecules will be released when we move the muscles. so, stagnant of fats and sugar takes place in our body itself. it Leads to Overweight and Diabetics.
Bad Posture: The position of your seated back gets affected, hip size reduces and it leads to bad posture.
Depression: when there is no movement of the muscle, it lacks the mental health benefits. continuation of this kind of activities leads to depression.
Heart Disease: Several studies and experts are saying that those who spend more time in sitting like watching TV and so on leads to having more risk of Heart Disease.
Blood clot: Ideally sitting for a long time may results in the Blood clot in legs and this one will be called as Spider Vein.
Indigestion: Sitting for a long time leads to compression of Abdominal content. so that it causes slower digestion. Heartburn, constipation is all byproducts of this one.

This article you can watch on youtube also:

pic credit: https://fitness.mercola.com/

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to Cool your Body?

Most of the people are not getting way to make their body cool. Everyone will try so many things though we have the better option in our hand. As a human psychology, we won't accept the way if we get easily. Yes, here is the way i am going to suggest that you all of us known already. Yes, it is nothing but the fruit called Gooseberry. It is highly rich in calcium, vitamin C, and proteins. It places a major role to control our body heat. these are some ways I have listed how can we use Gooseberry so that we can control our Body heat easily and there are so many advantages of Gooseberry also listed, go through and make use of it.
  • If you eat 1 gooseberry daily so that sugar level can be controlled and it has the potency to cool our eyes and the human body.
  • After waking up drink the mixture of gooseberry essence with the ginger essence daily to control our body heat.
  • mix Gooseberry with the cumin, garlic, and small onion, and make a paste(thuvayal). you can have this paste during our intake of food. so that it reduces our fat in the blood and it can be controlled. 
  • If you eat Gooseberry regularly, it cures the disease called jaundice.
  • Siddha and Ayurveda hospitals use gooseberry daily for the betterment of the patients
  • most people think that if we eat gooseberry, will get cold. It is not like that. It doesn't have the characteristics to get cold.
  • It is rich in Vitamin C when compared with grapes, orange, and lemon. In one gooseberry 600 mg of vitamin C is present.
  • It observes the iron content from the vegetables and supplies to our body. It helps our body always strong.
  • Since calcium is more in gooseberry, bone gets stronger, hemoglobin content in the blood increases. Hair will grow strong. That's why all the oil company uses gooseberry as a must one.
Friends, I think this is one of the easiest ways to go with. All vegetable shop will have this fruit. Why cannot we start using this rather than doing so many extra unnecessary things? If you have suggestions comment it below.

pic credit: plant o gram